1948 Harley Davidson Easy Rider Chopper Replica

This actual Easyrider Chopper Replica was the one used in the Harley Davidson Café Restaurant located on 3725 South Las Vegas Blvd. The restaurant opened its doors in 1997 and sadly closed for good on Tuesday October 25th, 2016. This restaurant was truly a one-of-a-kind unique themed Harley-Davidson memorabilia, complete motorcycle themed environment, a full sized wall made out of chains of the American Flag, a complete revolving set of different motorcycles built on custom platforms that revolve over the entire restaurant on all levels, unique bar with custom motorcycle seats, all focused on the Harley theme.

One of the main focal points was in fact this beautiful Easyrider Chopper. This prop was used with a back drop of the Las Vegas Blvd and you could get your photo taken on this bike for a small fee. This motorcycle was mounted on a metal stand to keep the bike upright and from falling over. There was also a metal bracket that bolted to the front forks to keep them also from swaying back n forth. I have removed the stand and the metal bracket to roll the bike freely around the shop. This custom made stand and bracket are included with the sale of the motorcycle. This by far is one of the most accurate and authentic looking replicas you will see today.

Keep in mind this bike was built as a prop and for display purposes only but does have a Harley Pan Head Engine, chrome plated rigid frame, chrome plated cylinder casing, kick start, mouse trap clutch assembly, drum brake assembly built into the chain sprocket, chrome rear fender, hand grips, oil tank, pegs, headlight, horn, no speedometer or front brake just like the original bike, exhaust system exiting in between the front of the frame rails and flattens out at the bottom to exit to the side, truly unique to this chopper.

Unique one-of-a-kind opportunity to own a piece of Las Vegas History. The actual Easyrider Chopper Replica from the Harley Davidson Café Restaurant
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A lot of these replicas today don't even compare to the look of this one. This motorcycle is being sold as-is and on a bill of sale only and in not running or riding condition. To the best of our knowledge there are no internal engine components with this engine on the motorcycle. This motorcycle would be an excellent focal point to add to your restaurant or bar, casino, motorcycle or car business, museum, or any types of advertising to promote your company or business. Also a unique item to put into your man cave as always a great conversation piece. Included with this motorcycle are two helmets, motorcycle stand, and a certificate of authenticity saying this motorcycle was used in the Harley-Davidson Café.