This 1980 Corvette Sport Coupe has only 17,205 actual miles. Nicely documented car that was sold new in Kansas City, Missouri at Bill Sight Chevrolet Inc. Original owner lived in Olathe, Kansas and the corvette has spent most of its life in that area and climate controlled stored as well. Only three owners have owned this one and the second one of about 30 plus years. I cannot stress enough of how well preserved and maintained this 80 model corvette has been taken care of. The paint is amazing for being 37 years old and all original. This car is a true “Survivor” car and is the perfect candidate for Bloomington Gold Survivor judging. Even NCRS as well as most al components are correct and original. About the only things that I am aware of that are not original are the shocks, rear brake rotors and the alternator as the previous owner had just replaced those items. Al original exhaust system and catalytic converter, original belts and hoses, original smog pump all working, original air conditioning system with R12 still in it and works perfectly and ice cold a/c, original clock and power radio antenna were just recently rebuilt and working properly, everything on this corvette works as it should. Al buzzers, warning lamps, lighting, etc.
I personally drove this car back from the KC area when I bought it and cruised down the road like a new one! Actually was impressed at the get up the car had and how tight the car was. It is truly been well cared for and preserved and is one of the finest 1980 models you will ever see. The interior is in #1 condition, no flaws nicks, or tears, no harsh products have ever been put onto the seats or dash, 8-track tape player still works, the floor mats are in excellent condition, the seat belts have no tears from being caught in the doors when shut, all the labels still intact, many inspection markings on the engine compartment and chassis are still visible. The car could pass for 500 miles easily. The paint is impressive for being original. I am amazed at how well it shines and little to no flaws at all on the car. You do have to realize that the paint back then was lacquer and not clear coat finishes of today, so it will not be as perfect as a paint job on a new vehicle but if you have ever been around these types of cars with the original paint, you will be impressed at how well it actually does look. No stress cracks, both front and rear bumpers match up in color and no fading, no rock chips or road rash on bottom of rockers and rear fenders, you truly have to see to believe this one. No disappointments. This is one to keep or add to your collection and watch the value continually increase for years to come. Many of these models were destroyed and driven hard with many changed parts so the good ones like this one, are getting harder and harder to come by.
The Red on Red color combination is simply stunning. It does not get any better than this color combination in my opinion. Real Corvettes were Red the rest were mistakes, as written in a book several years ago.

The features and options on this corvette include:
L-48 5.7 Liter 350 C.I. V8 Engine (4-BBL)
MX1 Automatic Transmission
AU3 Power Door Locks
C49 Electric Rear Window Defogger
K30 Automatic Speed Control
N90 Aluminum Wheels (Originals in Mint Condition No Clear Coat Peeling)
QGR White Lettered SBR Tires P225/70R15
NA5 Standard Emission System
UM2 AM/FM Stereo Radio W/8-Track Stereo Tape
U75 Power Radio Antenna
U81 Dual Rear Speakers
83L Paint Code for Exterior (Corvette Red)
722 Interior Trim Code (Red Leather)

Other features that became standard in 1980 but was optional in the prior year of 1979 included power windows, air conditioning, and the tilt/telescopic steering wheel. Twin remote control body colored sport mirrors, removable t-top roof panels, color-keyed seats and shoulder belts, anti-theft alarm system, power 4-wheel disc brakes are just many of the other features that came standard on this corvette.
We did replace the original tires with the exact correct ones now being reproduced. These Goodyear Polysteel Radial tires on this corvette are just like it would had been back in the day it rolled off the assembly line. These tires however, are not cheap. They retail for $350 for a total of $1,400 not even counting shipping, mounting and balancing.

This 1980 model was the 2,079th car built out of 40,614 produced that year. Actual build date was Tuesday April 15th, 1980.
VIN # 1Z878AS426079

Documentation includes the original window sticker and sales brochure, original owners manual and paper folder it came in with the original dealers name and information, copy of the original dealer invoice, two original titles to the car, inspection slips, original odometer statement when the car had only 12 miles upon delivery dated April 30th, 1980,Two other odometer statements by the other two owners, original keys, original spare tire and wheel, spare tire lock, original leather t-top storage bags, original sunvisor tag, several receipts on routine maintenance over the past years, owner history, and much information pertaining to the 1980 model year. All shown in the pictures and well documented.

This model featured new front and rear bumper “caps” with integral spoilers. Radiator air flow increased about fifty-percent. Integrated spoilers improved the drag coefficient from .503 to .443 compared to the 1979 model equipped with the optional, non integrated spoilers.
The crossed flag emblems for 1980 were a new, more elongated design.
The speedometers for 1980 Corvettes read to a maximum of 85 mph, a new federal requirement. These were phased in during the late 1979 production models.
The rear storage compartments were changed from a three-lid design to a two-lid style in the 1980 model. The battery stayed in a separate compartment behind the driver, but the center and passenger-side compartments were combined with one access door.
When ordering the RPO C49 Electric Rear Window Defogger like this car, the UA1 that was a previous option was included and that was the heavy duty battery.
After several years of weight increases, the Corvette was lighter in 1980 as engineers trimmed weight by using lower density roof panels, reducing the thickness of hood and outer doors, and using aluminum for the differential housing and crossmember. For the base L-48 engine, the L82’s aluminum intake manifold became standard.
For improved surface quality, urethane was applied during molding to panels forward of the firewall and to roof panels.

1980 Corvette Coupe

Stunning Red On Red Color Combination with only 17,205 actual miles. Nicely Documented and the nicest 80 model we have seen and as close to a new one as you will find! Climate Controlled Stored.
Stock # 451
Rating # 1-