1963 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible. Very good overall presentable mid-year corvette with a new repaint in 2016. The does still retain its original matching numbers engine and is the very desirable 327 c.i. 340 h.p. One. The car is equipped with a 4-speed transmission and a positraction rear axle. It only has the removable hardtop at this time. The car still has many correct components on the engine including the intake manifold, no seam valve covers, oil pan, and harmonic balancer. The engine runs out strong and does not need rebuilding. It appears to have been out of the car at one time as it is nicely detailed. The carburetor is a new one with an electric choke. The engine pad stamping is excellent and as far as I know is original and not a restamp! The broach marks are excellent and visible but not too much as most restamps are done. The exhaust system has been replaced, fuel tank, new tires and wheels, new Al Knock door panels just recently installed, and several other things over the years. The headlights do work along with most all instruments except the clock and odometer. The instruments are the original ones along with the seats, steering wheel, shifter, and dash pads. The interior was redone several years ago and still shows good. There have been front disc brakes added. The exterior paint is nice and presentable. It was done in base coat clear coat locally. It does have a nice shine but is not perfect. The doors line up well and the hood appears to be original to the car with the hood grills like 63’s have. The hardtop was also painted along with the car and overall looks good. Complete with all of the trim. The fender flares were done many years ago and although they were not original, the body work was done good as there are no signs of cracks. The rear bumpers and tail lights were all left stock as well as the front parking light assembly. It is missing the front bumpers and brackets but those items are available and can be put back on if desired.
The chassis on the car is clean with no evidence of ever undercoated. You can still see the original fiberglass floors and color of the glass was lighter in the 1963 models. The frame is in excellent shape with no rust or heavy pitting. In fact it is mostly smooth and could easily be detailed nicely. Most of these early mid-years usually have alot of rust and pitting on the frame but not this one. I was told this car sold new in Aurora Missouri. I do have the two previous owners information along with copies of those titles.

The trim and vin tags are also original to the car.
The VIN tag is spot welded as they all should be in 1963 and in 1964. They started rivets in 1965.
Paint Code 936 = Ermine White
Interior Code 490P = Saddle Vinyl Convertible

It was an original white car with saddle tan interior.

VIN # 30867S110411
Fourth digit is a 6 which designates the convertible model
The actual build date of this car was Monday March 11th, 1963.
It was the 10,411th car built out of 21,513 made
Engine Block Casting # 3782870
Engine Block Casting Date # B 20 3
B= Month of February 20 Day Of Month 3= Model Year 1963
Engine Pad Stamping # 3110411 F0305RE
This engine was assembled on March 5th and RE = Code for 340 H.P. Engine Manual Transmission

1963 Corvette Convertible
L76 327 C.I. 340 H.P. Engine Correct Matching Numbers Car 4-Speed, New Repaint in 2016 Super good driver mid-year corvette with a removable hardtop.
Stock # 455
SOLD at the Branson Collector Car Auction
Rating # 3+