1976 was the last year to see the “Stingray” badging on a Corvette.
To some, they may consider this model more of a collectable one than others and especially in this unique color combination. This Corvette is finished in its original color of Bright Yellow with Dark Brown Leather Interior. The color is rare, only 3,389 built out of 46,558 total units in 1976. This Corvette does feature some nice options which include Deluxe Leather Interior, Air Conditioning, Power Windows, Power Disc Brakes, Power Steering, Power Windows, Tilt/Telescopic Steering Wheel, Map Light, AM/FM Radio, and an Automatic Transmission. The miles on the car are believed to be actual at 42,385. There is several things that do make you believe it is real miles by seeing the most of its original exhaust system and catalytic converter still in tact, several inspection markings visible all over the car and even on the valve covers, decals such as the one on top of the Power Brake Booster, interior of the car looks like a low mileage one with very little wear, and when you do drive the car it is nice and tight. It is one of those cars that just has not been apart and messed with like so many others out there. We have been in this Corvette business for along time now, so we tend to know what to look for in these models of cars. We are not experts, but have bought and sold many, along with viewing hundreds of them over the years, and when we see a car like this one we do get excited. Now as far as the overall car, it is a nice presentable driver car but by no means a perfect show paint one. The body lines are good and the front and rear bumpers have no cracking, but the paint is old and for the most part appears to be original with some spotting in and touch ups done over the years. It does look good from several feet away, but to make it look like some of our other ones we have for sale a paint job would really bring this car back to life. It does have some shine and is nothing to be ashamed about, but in our opinion, I would drive and enjoy this Corvette like it is, and down the road look at painting it. These models are fast appreciating as I have said before, and in a few years this Corvette could potentially be a $20,000 plus car probably just the way it is. If you take a look back at some of the other older model Corvettes, they were priced much like these C3 ones and now look at them today. You cannot even begin to get into a 60’s model for what these cars are priced at, much less have the low miles and untouched like this one. This Corvette does have some paperwork including an original owners manual and sales brochure, original set of keys, some prior owner history including copies of titles and bill of sale back in 2006.
The interior on this Corvette is overall nice and presentable. The dash pad has no cracks nor does the seats. The dash pad is nice and still looks fresh along with all of the gauges and console. The steering wheel still has all of the grain like finish with no excessive wear, brake pedal and gas pedal has little to no wear, seat belts still look nice and are the original ones, console is not cracked around the emergency brake and has the nice leather armrest cushion, carpeting is original and is not perfect, but I personally would not replace as the carpet you buy from the vendors is not exactly like the originals. It does have a new set of carpeted floor mats. The original wood grain trim still looks nice and the overall door panels are excellent with the exception of two small flaws on the drivers side one. Weatherstrips appear to be original and still overall are decent. I would recommend replacing the t-top weatherstrips. Just an overall nice presentable car and priced very realistic for a classic Corvette. New tires were recently installed back in September of 2017 and I do have the original tires with tread life left on them that goes with the sale of the car. Original spare wheel still intact along with the original spare tire lock which are usually missing on these cars. Original jack and lug wrench still behind the seats in the storage compartment along with the t-top storage bags as well. Mostly a complete all original car with some minor things replaced over the years. The engine compartment is still left untouched. Even the air conditioning belt still has the GM logo on it. All shielding around the distributor intact and no modifications have ever been done from what we have seen. Overspray is visible along with the sloppy yellow glue that was used to hold the weatherstripping in place on the doors. If you have ever seen other original survivor cars you will know what I am talking about.

VIN # 1Z37L6S443286
This was the 43,286th Corvette built in 1976 out of 46,558 produced.
Actual Build Date Of This Corvette Was Wednesday July 21st, 1976.


L-48 350 C.I. V8 Engine (4-BBL)
M40 Turbo-Hydra-Matic Automatic Transmission
C60 Air Conditioning
J50 Power 4-Wheel Disc Brakes
N41 Power Steering
N37 Tilt-Telescopic Steering Column
A31 Power Windows
U69 AM/FM Radio (The One Currently In the Car Is Non-Original)
UF1 Map Light (On rearview mirror)
Rally Wheels W/White Lettered Tires P255/60R15
Deluxe Leather Interior Trim
Exterior Color: Bright Yellow
Interior Color: Dark Brown Leather

The carburetor air induction system was revised on 1976. Previously, air was drawn in at the rear of the hood, producing a slight howl audible from within the car. The air source point was moved forward, so that air was pulled in over the radiator. The 1976 hood was unique to the year.
Engineers put a partial steel underbelly in the forward section of Corvettes starting in 1976 for added rigidity, weight reduction, and to better isolate the cockpit from heat generated by catalytic converters. Also, higher engine temperatures were intentional, one way to increase efficiency and partially offset emissions-related power losses.
Astro Ventilation was eliminated starting with 1976 models. This meant, among other things, the vents on the rear deck (just aft of the back window) were deleted.
A new “Sport” steering wheel for 1976 Corvettes was shared by Chevrolet Vegas (and other Chevrolet models), a development not viewed well by Corvette enthusiasts.
Two styles of rear bumpers were used. The first had smaller, recessed “Corvette” letters. The second style had larger letters, not recessed.
The 1976 was the last of the era to require a unique Delco radio due to the available console depth.
Some late-production 1976 Corvettes were built with parts normally associated with 1977 models, especially interior components.
This was the last year to see the “Stingray” badging on both front fenders. This was also the last year to see the Corvette engines painted Orange as they went to Blue in 1977 models.
The Deluxe Leather Interior Option as this car has includes leather seat trim, wood-grain accents and lower carpet trim on inner door panels, wood grain accents on console, and special cut-pile carpeting.
Listed as separate options initially, power brakes (J50) and power steering (N41) were included in an increased base price during 1976. All 1976 Corvettes had power brakes; all but 173 had power steering.
Other standard features include 160-MPH speedometer, 7000-rpm tachometer, Ammeter, temperature, fuel and oil pressure gauges, Seat belt and headlight indicators, Map compartment on passenger side dash, Hazard warning switch, High-Energy Ignition System, Soft-Ray tinted glass, Hide-A-Way windshield wipers, retractable headlamps, Removable T-Top Roof Panels, and the list goes on.

1976 Corvette T-Top Stingray Sport Coupe

Only 42,385 miles and loaded with several niceOptions. Striking color combintation!
Stock # 470
Price: $12,995 SOLD
Rating # 3-