This particular corvette has only 24,076 miles and is nicely documented. We purchased this car out of Illinois at which the previous owner has had the corvette since 1983! It had only 9,100 miles when he purchased this car back then. He was an NCRS Member as well. This corvette is extremely original and for the most part untouched with its original paint and interior, complete original exhaust system with the catalytic converter still intact, and even riding on its original GoodYear tires! The tires are still in great shape for the age. The condition of this car is a strong #2 as it was stored and kept started and driven on occasion all of these 39 years. The car would qualify for Bloomington Gold Survivor Judging as well as N.C.R.S. Judging. If you have been around these nice well kept original corvettes like this one you will definitely appreciate this one.
This corvette has all of the original drivetrain down the the date coded spark plug wires, many of the original labels and tags are visible as well as inspection markings on the frame, tie rod ends, and markings on the firewall as shown in the photos labeling the car with the "CB" radio, no grease or oil leaks, frame is super nice with no pitting or rust, only surface rust on some of the raw steel parts which is expected of a 39 year old car, original spare tire carrier and wheel along with the original spare tire lock, about the only thing visible that has been replaced is the shocks. I have a complete three ring binder where there are many receipts over the years for service such as transmission fluid changed, brake fluid changed,etc. I cannot stress enough how well kept this corvette has been over these years. In May of 2015 there was $893.36 spent on the car which includes a new heater core, radiator cap, thermostat, heater hoses, and some weatherstripping. The cooling system was completely flushed at this time as well. The mileage on the car then showed 23,837. Valve cover gaskets were also replaced back in 2013 and the original carburetor was rebuilt in 2014. Even the choke on the carburetor still operates properly on this corvette!
The overall condition of the paint is excellent for being 39 years old. I do not see any paint checking or major flaws. Both the front and rear bumpers have no stress cracks and have plenty of flex in them. They also fit well for this model year. The paint has plenty of shine and we have done a nice final glaze and wax on the paint. Very nice and presentable and by no means needs repainting on most do. Notice in the photos the rear license plate hardware as it does not have any paint overspray and just look at how nice those bolts are. That alone shows you just how clean and well preserved this corvette really is. The optional front and rear spoilers adds a nice look to this 79 model as well. The interior is super nice and all original except for the new reproduction carpeted floor mats. Original seats and carpet look amazing, no real major wear or tears on those areas, dash pad and steering wheel along with the gauges and instruments look fresh and new, but are all original, two 8-track tapes are still in the glovebox and as far as I know the 8-track still works, original seat belts with the labels still on them, original jack and lug wrench still where it was when the car was new, original t-top storage bags, just a well preserved and "as new" interior. The carpeting is cut just like it suppose to be because it is original. If you go and look at many of these models for sale the carpeting will not be cut like this one because it was replaced and in a reproduction form. The reproduction carpet is good, but it's nothing like having the nice originals as the material is somewhat different. They are only original once and these models that are all original like this one will soon disappear and will increase dramatically like the 63-67 models have done in the past few years. Great investment and a very affordable classic corvette in this day and age.
L-48 5.7 Litre 350 C.I. V8 Engine (4-BBL Carburetor)
MX1 Automatic Transmission (Three-Speed)
K30 Automatic Speed Control (Cruise Control)
D80 Front And Rear Spoilers
AU3 Power Door Lock System
C49 Electric Rear Window Defogger
D35 Sport Mirrors LH Remote & RH Manual
UM2 AM/FM Stereo Radio W/8-Track Stereo Tape Player
U75 Power Antenna
U81 Dual Rear Speakers
NA5 Standard Emission System
72L Paint Code For Corvette Red
722 ARR2 Interior Code For Red Leather Bucket Seats
QGR P225/70R-15/B S/B Radia White Lettered Tires
Rally Wheels (8 Inch)
Power 4-Wheel Disc Brakes
Power Steering
Limited Slip Differential
Power Windows
Leather Wrapped Tilt/Telescopic Steering Wheel
Factory Air Conditioning
High-Energy Ignition System
Anti-Theft Audio Alarm System
Removable T-Top Roof Panels (Painted Body Color)
Tinted Glass From The Factory
Special Instrumentation (Last Year For The 140 MPH Speedometer)
4-Wheel Independent Suspension

The original MSRP of this 1979 Corvette was $13,461.23
Base price was $12,313.23

This Corvette was the 44,644th one built in 1979.
Actual build date was Monday July 23rd 1979.
Late Production 1979 model.
A total of 53,807 Corvettes were built in 1979. This was the highest production year to date as this was a great year for the Corvette model.
Originally delivered to:
414 E North Ave
Glendale Heights Illinois 60137

This corvette has spent its entire life in Illinois from what I have gathered until we purchased it and brought it here to Missouri.
Included with this corvette is the window sticker, dealer invoice, sales brochure, original GM Maintenance Schedule Brochure, Oil Change Reciepts, original shop manual and tune-up manual,
Original owners manual, two-sets of keys, t-top storage bags, and a three ring binder of many receipts on routine maintenance over the
Years. Also the previous owner title and a signed odometer statement along with his information to verify the car if needed.

The new "high back" seat style introduced in the 1978 pace car replicas was made standard equipment in 1979. Extensive use of plastic in the frame structure resulted in weight reduction of about twelve pounds per seat. The new seats had better side bolster support, and the backs folded at a higher point to permit easier rear storage access. Inertia locking mechanisms restrained the backs in sudden deceleration, negating the need for manual locks. Driver and passenger seat tracks were redesigned for an additional inch of forward travel.
The 1979 fuel filler pipe was redesigned to make it more difficult to modify for leaded-fuel access.
Output of both the base L-48 and optional L-82 engines increased by 5hp due to a new "open flow' muffler design. Also, adding the L-82's low restriction, dual-snorkel air intake to the base engine added another 5hp.
This was the last year for the 140 MPH Speedometer and some 85 MPH speedometer were phased into some of the very late 1979 models.
In 1979, the previously optional AM-FM radio became standard equipment, and an illuminated visor-mirror became optional for the passenger side.
The front and rear spoilers developed as part of the 1978 pace car package became 1979 options. The were functional, decreasing drag by about 15% and increasing fuel economy by about a half-mile per gallon.
Tungsten-halogen headlight beams were phased into 1979 production early in the production year for increased visibility. These replaced only the high-beam units.
Later in the 1979 production year air conditioning and power windows became standard features in the base price of the corvette.

1979 Corvette T-Top Sport Coupe

Stunning 1979 Corvette finished in Corvette Red with matching red leather interior. This is one of the most striking color combinations on a corvette and highly sought after.
Stock # 479
Rating # 2