UPDATE: 2019 recipient NCRS (National Corvette Restorers Society)  Blue Ribbon Award Winner at Concours Stock Division level scoring a perfect score! 

Will consider other later Corvette trades.  This 1956 Corvette Convertible is a complete nut and bolt Frame-Up restoration. Done to the highest quality standards possible and nothing overlooked. Multiple Award Winning Car and not just your local car shows. This Corvette is finished in Cascade Green with Beige interior and a black softop. Only 3,467 Corvettes were built in 1956 and only 290 in this color. This Corvette has many nice touches and a history to go with the car as well.

The original owner of this Corvette was a lady who ordered to race. She did race the car for a year and then sold it to a gentleman in West Virginia who owned the Corvette for 50 years! It changed hands between two dealers until was purchased by the current owner now.
The Corvette was the taken on a two year frame-up restoration where most everything was either replaced or rebuilt. Although the Corvette appears to be stock and original, it does have several nice upgrades to make it drivable as well as showable.

The original engine in this Corvette would have been a 265 C.I. V8. There was also no 4-speed manual transmission until 1957 and the automatic would have been a two-speed powerglide. With that said the car needed more performance than just stock but still maintain the look of the original 1956 style. The engine in this Corvette is a complete rebuilt 1968 L-79 327 C.I. 350 H.P. one. This engine is one of many favorites in the Corvette hobby and was real reliable, dependable and had plenty of performance. As you can see the dual quad carburetors were installed on this engine to give it that 1956 era look as many of these models did in fact have dual quads back in the day. See complete magazine article attached for details on this engine. The transmission was also upgraded to a 350 Turbo Automatic built by TTG with a 2500 stall and harden springs with a B&M shift kit. The suspension is all new including brakes, brake lines, gas tank, gas lines and springs. All new interior from Al Knock including a new Al Knock convertible top, new weatherstripping and Dino Mat under carpet for sound deadener.

The engine wiring harness is all new, carburetors rebuilt by world renown restorer Bob Kunz, all new custom Auto Meter gauges that fit into the same existing holes that the originals were in but much more accurate, all bright work including stainless trim, chrome bumpers were professionally redone to show finish, and the list goes on. An exceptional amount of detail has been injected into this Corvette and is why it was a two year project as everything had to be done right.

The fiberglass body was taken down to bare glass and all minor repairs corrected and then the body was gel coated before complete paint was done. The body shop in fact had stated it was the best early Corvette frame they had ever seen. The finish was done in base coat clear coat and color sanded and a final buff to show finish. Exceptional paint on this Corvette!
The following is a partial list of Awards this car has received in the past year since completed:
Corvette On Line Magazine December 2017 (3 page article and photos. Editor stated he thought it is the best 1956 Corvette in the country!)
Mid-America Fun Fest 2017 ( Celebrity Pic By David Burroughs founder of Bloomington Gold)
Boone Trail All Corvette Show-1st Place Plus Sponsor Choice
All Chevrolet Show-1st Place Corvette Class
Veterans Car Show-2017 Best Of Show And Best Of Class
City Of Pacific MO Annual Car Show-2018 Best In Stock
Route 66 All Corvette Show-2018 1st Place
Graces Place Car Show-1st Place Corvette Class
Rockwood Bio Diesel Car Show-2018 1st Place Corvette Class
Several other firsts at smaller car show events as well.
Many of these shows were in the St. Louis and surrounding areas where there are hundreds if if not thousands that partake in these events. 1st place car everytime!

As you can see on some of the chassis pictures inspection markings put back on like the factory did, correct style exhaust system, several engine components kept correct looking, blackwall radial tires were installed for better ride and handling with the dog dish style hubcaps, seat belts installed and a radio delete car.

The Corvette received its first major body redesign in 1956. With the exception of the instrument panel which was nearly identical, the 1956 was visually completely different from the preceding model. The new design featured roll-up glass windows, external door handles and locks, exposed headlights with chrome surround bezels however early ones like this car were painted body color, and a sculptured side cove which permitted the Corvette's first two-tone paint combinations.

We are listing this Corvette on consignment for a good friend of ours so for any additional photos and details of this Corvette contact us and we will gladly put you in touch with the owner who did the restoration and who can go into a lot of details about this car. The Corvette is located in Pacific Missouri just south of St. Louis and about three hours from our business here in Nixa. We have known the gentleman that owns this car for over 15 years now and have done business with him for all of those years. He has extremely nice vehicles that he restores one at a time. I would put his cars up against any as you will not find any better! He would consider a mid-year Corvette (1963-1967) on partial trade.

1956 Corvette Convertible

Complete Frame-Up Restoration at
No expense spared. Award Winning Corvette! Nicest 56 you
Will find!
Stock # 478
Price: $84,500 (trades considered on later model Corvettes)
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