This 1973 Corvette Stingray T-Top Sport Coupe was found in Oklahoma that had been sitting for a few years. It actually was traded into a Flea Market, Largest One In The Midwest, for several things. The man that we acquired this car from was 80 years old and decided it was time to sell as he had purchased a nice new motorhome and was going to travel the country with his wife. When we purchased the car we noticed a small pin hole in the radiator and once removed we decided to detail the engine compartment nicely before reinstalling the radiator. There was no stopping just there. Once we did detail the engine we decided to take the car to the next level, and so it goes.
We have installed a new windshield and removed all trim pieces around the t-tops and had it professionally redone. It sure came out nice! With that we went ahead and replaced the dash pad with a new one, new radio speakers, new heater core and hoses, new Al Knock door panels, restored console and a new heater and a/c controls, new windshield wiper motor, new tires and wheel rings, complete new aluminized exhaust system from Corvette Central, are just some of the things we have done to name a few. We are not finished and the car is currently undergoing those things and others and will be finished hopefully after the first of the year. The paint is presentable but we plan on having it redone in areas and wet sanded and buffed to a show-shine finish. The rear bumpers are nice and we did order new square-type exhaust tips that are correct. We are restoring the spare tire tub and plan on doing some chassis details as well. The overall body is good with the door closing with ease. The front bumper is still the original urethane one and we plan on having it repainted as well.
The interior is good and many small items we have replaced. The seats are leather and have been redone at sometime. The carpet also has been replaced. Instruments are all original and still look good. We did replace the lens on the Speedometer gauge. Steering wheel is nice and has no real wear showing. The mileage on the car shows 55,581 and is believed to be actual, but cannot be guaranteed. Overall a nice presentable car that will be real nice when we are finished.
We have not yet determined the price as we do not know what we will have into the car as we do not want to short change anything if we come across something that needs to be replaced or rebuilt.
You are welcome to view the car in our facility and see the progress of the car come along. The photos are not the best and will upload more better ones as we progress. Every receipt will be keep and put into a portfolio that will go with the car along with some of the photos taken in the process. I did send off for the NCRS Shipping Data Report and it shows as follows:

The GM official production Date was: 3/27/1973

The original delivery dealer was Dealer code; 342, Zone 26.

The name and location for the dealer was:
Believed to be Ed Morse Chevrolet based on limited info for this time period.
Lauderhill, Florida was original city as to which it was delivered to.

LS4 Turbo-Jet 454ci, 275hp V8 Engine (4-BBL Carburetor)
M40 Turbo-Hydra-matic Automatic Transmission
C60 Four-Season Air Conditioning
N37 Tilt/Telescopic Steering Column
J50 Power Disc Brakes
N40 Power Steering
A31 Power Windows
UF1 Map Light (On Rearview Mirror)
U69 AM-FM Radio (Original)
Black Deluxe Leather Interior
Blackwall Radial Tires (New)
Rally Wheels W/New Trim Rings

VIN # 1Z37Z3S418724
This was the 18,724th Corvette Built Out Of 30,464 Produced.
Out of those 30,464 built, 25,521 were t-top coupes.
Built On Tuesday March 27th, 1973.
Only 4,412 were built with the LS4 454 Big Block Engine.
Narrow that down with these options, this is a rare one!
Numbers Matching Car As Well.

What Numbers I Have Gathered So Far Are:
Fifth Digit In VIN # Designates The 454 Engine
This One Is “Z” Which designates the 454.
Fifth Digit “J” is for the base engine and “T” for the L-82
Engine Block Casting # 3999289: 454ci, 275hp
Engine Block Casting Date: A 27 73
A=January, 27th is day of month, 73 is the model year.
Engine Pad Stamp: T0309 CWR 13S418724
T-Towanda Engine Assembly, 03 = Month Of March, 09 =
Day of month assembled, CWR = Engine Code For 454ci, 275hp at
Intake Manifold Casting # 353015, Date C 7 73
Exhaust Manifolds Casting #s LH 3969869
RH 3880828
Cylinder Heads Casting #s For Both 353049 Date C 7 73
Distributor # 1112114 Date 3 A 15

1973 FACTS:
In the 1973 model year, 4,000 serial numbers were never built. The last 1973 Corvette’s serial number ends with 34,464, but production totaled 30,464. The unused VIN numbers were 24,001 through 28,000.
Rear bumpers were essentially unchanged from 1972, but fronts were redesigned to meet federal 5-mph standards. The front bumper system, with body-color, injected molded urethane cover, added thirty-five pounds of weight and could withstand 5-mph impacts without damage to lights or safety equipment.
A new coolant recovery system routed high temperature overflow coolant into a holding reservoir for return to the radiator after cooling.
Material was sprayed on several inner panels for sound deadening, and a new sound-absorbing pad was installed on the inner-hood surface. Chevrolet ads claimed a forty-percent reduction in cabin level noise levels.
New chassis mounts were used in 1973 to better isolate road chatter and vibration. The mounts were rubber with steel sleeves. The rubber provided vertical cushioning while the steel maintained stability.
The lifting windshield wiper panel was deleted from 1973 models, but a new hood with rear cold air induction was introduced. Windshield wipers became electric as previously was vacuum.
Steel beams were added inside doors to improve side impact protection.
Radial tires were first used with Corvettes in 1973.
Rear windows weren’t removable in 1973, but rear luggage space height increased two inches due to removal of the window storage shelf.
Speaking to Car & Driver magazine, Zora Arkus-Duntov stated that removal of the rear window created too much interior air buffeting and that this, not cost savings, was the reason for a fixed rear window in 1973.

1973 Corvette’s were an odd ball year and to some is collectable as it is different and set apart from any other model year. With the look of the late 60’s and early 70’s in the rear, and the mid to late 70’s in the front completely is “stand alone” different. And with this one having the desirable Big Block engine with air, just makes for a more rare and desirable one. 1973 was the last year to see any chrome bumpers on a corvette, and 1974 was the last to see the 454 big block engine.

1973 Corvette Stingray T-Top Sport Coupe
Equipped with the LS4 454 Big Block Engine. Factory Air Conditioning, Power Steering & Brakes, Deluxe Leather Interior, Many Nice options and a Matching Numbers Car! Currently Undergoing A Cosmetic Restoration With Many New Parts. More Photos And Details Coming Soon.
Stock # 485
Price Yet to Be Determined
Rating # 2-