What a rare piece of motorcycle history! You will probably never see or ever find a pair like this setup. These are factory built replicas of the iconic movie “Easyrider” and were only built this one year in 1999 to commemorate the 30th Anniversay of the movie. Only
750 replicas of each motorcycle were built, however they never reached that goal as “CMC” California Motorcycle Company bought the rights to the Indian Motorcycle Name and the legendary Indian Chief was reborn. This motorcycle company, based out of Gilroy California, went into partnership with Peter Fonda himself to bring these famed movie bikes back into life. Many aftermarket suppliers and builders have replicated these movie bikes, however none of them are endorsed by Peter Fonda nor have a factory licensed title such as these which are titled as “CMC’s”. All motorcycles have a factory VIN number and are licensed and legal to meet or exceed all standards set by DOT and EPA.
I do not have the actual numbers but have been told by known people in the motorcycle business that had ties to CMC that less than 100 Billy Bikes were built and less than 300 Captain America bikes were ever built and never made it to that original 750 numbers of each bike like what was intended. Thus, making these even more rare. These motorcycles had an MSRP new of $24,995 and that was for each and not the pair. It is very rare to see a matching set with both numbers 007! Yes that is correct and this was probably one of the lowest numbers ever sold to the public as many upper level executives kept the early numbered ones.
We found this set of matching motorcycles back in 2009 in Denver Colorado where they were stored inside an office complex building where they were in a climate controlled environment. The bikes have a great history and after we acquired them back then, we immediately had them sold where they have been in a private collection ever since until now as this is the first time they have been offered for sale. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own of piece of American Motorcycle History that no one else has.
Both of these motorcycles have only been ridden 200 miles each and have been serviced and maintained throughout their 20 year life. They have always been kept inside and in a climate controlled environment. The finish of the paint and chrome is “as new”. Both bikes are completely stock with no modifications ever done to them.
Included with both the Captain America and Billy Bike are brochures. The Captain America motorcycle does have a jacket similar to what Fonda wore is included with the helmet as well, gas tank on that motorcycle is autographed and has a piece of the 3M clear film over it to protect the signature, Dennis Hopper style jacket and hat as well, license plates made up with the numbers on them like in the movie, nice diamond tread display to park the motorcycles on and several other items pertaining to these movie motorcycles. They both have been started and run on occasion to keep everything lubricated and in operating order.
Must see to appreciate the neatness of everything included with these motorcycles.
Owners manuals and Certificate Of Authenticity papers are included with the sale as well as a Copy of the original article from the January 1999 issue of Easrider discussing
All about these two motorcycles

This information was from the actual original sales brochure ad from 1999.

Peter Fonda, The Easy Rider himself, and his partner R.S White of Fonda-White Productions are pleased and excited to announce that in celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the classic 1969 film “Easyrider”, they have formed an exciting and exclusive alliance with California Motorcycle Company of Gilroy, California, to recreate the most famous and recognized motorcycles of all times. These are of course the Captain America, as ridden by Peter Fonda, and the Billy Bike, as ridden by Dennis Hopper in the epic film.
There will only be 750 of each bike produced as a “30th Anniversary Limited Edition.” Peter Fonda and California Motorcycle Company feel that the purpose and intent of this venture is not to duplicate the original motorcycles, but is to instead create modern, safe, updated and affordable replicas. These bikes will, of course, retain the look and feel of the originals, but will have many modern upgrades that will make them infinitely more rideable, dependable, and enjoyable.
These two rolling icons, will use an S&S, 88 cubic inch evolution engine for their power plants. This 75 horsepower engine will have “panhead” rocker covers and will be finished so as to resemble the original “panhead” engines as closely as possible. The drive train will employ the use of a primo belt drive together with a 5-speed Andrews transmission. Disc brakes and electric start will be standard. To retain the look and feel of the original Captain America and Billy Bike, these motorcycles will be built on a rigid frame.
In order to satisfy EPA and DOT requirements, both of these motorcycles will be equipped with turn signals and the Captain America will have a front fender and a front brake. The Captain America and Billy Bike will be certified and legal in all 50 states.
California Motorcycle Company at that time was the second largest American Motorcycle Manufacturer in the United States under Rey Sotelo, premier motorcycle designer.

Captain America Paint: Red, White and Blue
Captain America Frame / Near Chrome Powdercoated Finish
Air Cleaner Insert w/”Special Edition” Captain America Logo
21 “ Front 40 Spoke Wheel t

Motor: S&S Motor Assembled In House
502 Cam, Super Stock Heads
88 Cubic Inch, Stroke: 4.25”
Bore: 3.625”, Horsepower 75
Torque: 77 ft. Ibs@3600 RPM
Carburetor: S&S Super E
Ignition: Compu-Fire Dual
Regulator: Accel Performance Products
Coil: Accel Performance Products
Plug Wires: Accel Performance Products
Ignition Switch: Accel Performance Products
Spark Plugs: Platinum
Primary: Primo Competition
Starter Motor: CMC Hi Torque
Battery: 12 Volt, 19 Amp
Oil Capacity: CMC 3 Qts
Transmission: CMC 5-Speed Close-Ratio (Andrews)
Triple Trees: CMC 6061-T6 Aircraft Quality Aluminum
Forward Controls: CMC 6061-T6 Aircraft Quality Aluminum
Calipers: CMC 6061-T6 Aircraft Quality Aluminum
Forks: CMC Showa
Shocks: CMC Progressive
Rotors: CMC Stainless
Wheels: America Wire, Chrome Hub, Chrome Spoke
Tires: Avon
Exhaust: CMC Dual Staggered
Seat: CMC Design
Handlebar Controls: CMC Design
Paint: PPG & House Of Color
Wheel Base: CMC Stock Frame: 63.75 inches
Stretch: 67 inches
Seat Height: CMC Stock Frame: 26 inches
CMC Stretch Frame: 24 inches
Weight: 630 Ibs
Frame Swingarm: CMC Design
16” Rear 40 Spoke Wheel
21” Avon Front 16” Avon Speedo Master
CMC Standard Rotors 12” Ape Hangers
CMC Billet Caliper Front/Rear Bare Motor
Steel Trees Bare Heads
10” Over Rocker Legs, Chrome “Panhead Rocker Covers”
Inside Wiring Chrome Lifter Blocks
Bare Transmission Single Round Mirror
Bare Cylinders Chrome Oil Bag
Bare Inner Primary Fishtail Exhaust
Bare Starter Cover Billet Forward Controls
5 ¾ Headlight Braided Steel Lines
Handle Bar Mounted Speedo Captain America Seat
Braided Steel Oil Lines Chrome Fenders
Billet Passenger Foot Pegs Peanut Tank
Sissy Bar

Billy Paint - Orange with Flames
Air Cleaner Insert w/ “Special Edition” Billy Logo
2” Over Rocket Legs, Chrome/Chrome Fork Tube Covers
Billy Frame Orange 21” Front 40 Spoke
16” Rear 40 Spoke 21” Avon Front
16” Rear Avon Speed Master Rear CMC Standard Rotors
CMC Billet Cailper Front/Rear Steel Trees
Large Moon Hubcap Bare Motor
Bare Heads Bare Transmission
Bare Cylinders Chrome Lifter Blocks
Bare Inner Primary Bare Starter
“Panhead” Rocker Covers Chrome Fenders
Single Round Mirror 5 ¾ Headlight
Bar Mounted Speedo Chrome Oil Bag
Braided Steel Oil Lines Billet Forward Controls
High/Low Exhaust Billet Passenger Foot Pegs
Braided Steel Brake Line

1999 CMC Signature Series Easyrider Motorcycles # 007’s
Built to Commemorate The 30th Anniversary Of The Classic Movie “Easyrider” Sold as a pair
With both #s being 007! Only 200 Actual Miles On Each Motorcycles! Museum Quality And No Disappointments!
Stock # 504
Special Winter Price: $45,000 SOLD
Rating # 1