This 1975 Corvette Stingray T-Top Sport Coupe is one that we have been trying to acquire for several years now. This particular Corvette is a unique and rare one. It is equipped with the optional L-82 engine and combined with the Borg-Warner 4-Speed Manual Transmission makes for an even rarer one. Adding to the fact that this C3 is a one owner car and only 2,000 actual miles makes for one that is almost irreplaceable.
The condition of this 1975 is overall excellent for being a 45 year old car and has been kept inside and out of those elements for all of those years. I was told that the car was stored inside in a heated environment on carpet. I personally dealt with the original owner of the vehicle and is available to talk with if desired. As per our conversation he set down and ordered this 1975 out the way he wanted and stressed just how hard it was to get the L-82 with the manual transmission back then. Alot of this had to do with emissions and such as the 1975 model year was the first to see a catalytic converter and several changes that had taken effect. He ordered this Corvette back on September 20th, 1974 with the dealer taking a $300 deposit to lock the order in. He was told December of 1974 then that time went by. First of the new year of 1975 he then was told that engines would be available only to be let down several weeks later that it would not happen. By then he just decided to wait it out and didn’t want to take the base L-48 engine with a manual transmission and thought if it happens fine if not he just won’t be a buyer for one. Fortunately, by the end of April his car was built and then received exactly what he wanted all along and the wait was worth it! We have been in the Corvette Business since 1988 and have never owned a 1975 L-82 4-Speed car in all of those years as they are extremely rare and most buyers like this original owner would have not waited all of those months and would have taken what was available at that time. There were only 2,372 L-82 Corvettes built in 1975 combined both coupe and convertible so when you narrow that down to this color combination and the 4-speed along with the t-top coupe, this makes for a very rare one and with that low of mileage. I doubt there is another one out there like it nonetheless for sale.
The paint on this Corvette is nice and presentable but for the most part is 45 years old. The body lines are excellent and no damage has been done to this car. The original owner back in 2015 did have both the front and rear bumpers replaced due to the fact that the original urethane ones had started to crack and fall apart. The paint matches up excellent and the fitment is more than likely better than the factory. The trim and emblems along with the original window glass is excellent. The rocker moldings also have that nice fresh look to them. The doors close very nice and tight as with this low of mileage they have not been opened and shut hundreds or even thousands of times. The back up lights, headlights, etc all work on the vehicle. The original headlight bulbs are also still intact. We have shown here photos of this car with the stock original Rally wheels and tires that it came with along with a brand new set of the chrome aluminum wheels with BF/Goodrich radial T/A tires for driving. Those Firestone Tires are the original 45 year old ones and amazingly are still in great shape with the exception of one that has separated, but I would not drive the car with them on it. We decided to spend the money and just buy the complete new tires and wheels and preserve and save those originals that go with the sale of the Corvette in case someone down the road wants to have the car Judged or shown. The original trim rings, center caps and even the original lug bolts are all in excellent original shape with no dings or nicks.

The interior in this 1975 is exceptional! I do not think there is any better one out there and is all 100% original and untouched. Everything down to the instrument needles looks like it has been restored but has not. It is near perfect in almost every way. Even the original rubber floor mats and the t-top storage bags left alone. The leather seats have no wear and no scuff marks on the door sill plates. No cracking anywhere and the door panels where you rest your arms have no cracks or flaws as well. The console and carpeting are all in “like new” fresh factory condition. The chrome trim on the door panels along with the wood grained accents have no deterioration. The seats belts still have the GM tags on them and the weatherstripping is still in great shape which is amazing. I would put this interior up to any out there and if anyone wants to see what every correct screw and such should be, this one is the example to show them.

For being 45 years old you do have to appreciate the condition. It is not perfect but has aged well. The frame and birdcage is excellent with no pitting or rust. The exhaust system is still all original with the smog equipment and catalytic converter still intact. The spare tire compartment is in great shape with the spare tire lock still on it. The chassis has had some cosmetic detailing by the original owner where he did paint somethings black so that some of the raw steel parts would not rust or corrode. The engine compartment is also clean and neat and left original with the exception of the alternator and fuel pump which have been changed out due to being 45 years old. The underhood insulation is nice and clean and no oil leaks that we have seen since we have owned the vehicle.
There were several things done to this Corvette back in 2015 and they are as follows:
New front and rear fiberglass bumpers from Bair’s. Painted and fitted to fit nicely.
New stainless steel brake calipers.
New fuel pump and flex hoses with clamps.
New master cylinder with new brake flex lines to the front calipers and new stainless steel lines to the rear calipers.
Fuel tank dropped, drained and flushed, blowing out the entire fuel line system.
The rubber bladder in the fuel tank was good.
Trailing arms were completely removed and sent to Bair’s Corvettes in PA to get completely rebuilt with all new wheel bearings, new stainless steel parking brake lines, original brake rotors refreshed, etc. due to the car sitting and not being driven over those years.
All rubber mounts and bushings checked and lubricated.
Original carburetor rebuilt.
Complete four wheel alignment done after installing the rebuilt original trailing arms.
Fluids changed on the Corvette.
With all of this said and done I would not be afraid to take this low mileage Corvette on a drive or road trip if desired. I have personally driven the car and it drives like a new one with no issues or noises and performs exceptional and drives straight down the road and does not overheat.

L-82 Special 350-4 BBL V-8 Engine (205 HP) ($336.00 Option)
4-Speed Manual Transmission (Borg-Warner) (No Charge)
C60 Four-Season Air Conditioning ($490.00 Option)
N41 Power Steering (129.00 Option)
UF1 Map Light ($5.00 Option)
U58 AM/FM Stereo Radio ($284.00 Option)
QRZ GR-70-15/B Steel Belted White Lettered Radial Tires ($48.00 Option)
192 Paint Code For Dark Red Metallic
74L Interior Code For Black Custom Leather Interior

This Corvette came from the factory with Rally wheels as that is what all was available for the 1975 model year. In 1976 the optional aluminum wheel became available and we decided to take the original tires and wheels off of this car to preserve them and purchased a brand new set of chrome aluminum wheels from Corvette America and installed a brand new set of BF/Goodrich Radial T/A White Lettered Tires to drive on.
The new tire size is P225/70R-15. This way you have the best of both worlds having the one original set of wheels and tires for the show and the new ones for the go.

This Corvette was originally delivered to:
Joe O’Brien Chevrolet Company (Dealer Code; 448, Zone; 28
5180 Mayfield Road
Lyndhurst, Ohio 44124
Original MSRP was $8,380.10 ( Base Price Was $6,797.10 )
Original purchase price with taxes was $8,432.60.
Original Delivery Date was May 12th 1975.
Original owner lived in Maple Heights Ohio where the car spent its entire life until we acquired it on September 3rd, 2020 and had the car shipped enclosed trailer to Nixa Missouri. The mileage on the Corvette when we received it was 1,976 actual and we have driven the car to the 2,013 that it currently has on it.

VIN # 1Z37T5S425043
The fifth digit in this vin # is a T which designates the L-82 engine.
This was the 25,043rd car built out of 38,465 produced for 1975.
Actual build date of this Corvette was Wednesday April 30th 1975.
Only 2,372 L-82 Corvettes were built in 1975 making it a rare option.
A total of 3,255 Dark Red Metallic Corvettes were built in 1975.

Catalytic converters first appeared in Corvettes with the 1975 model year.
Dual exhausts were routed to a single converter, then split for dual exit.
High Energy Ignition (HEI) appeared first in Corvettes on 1975 models.
Quite different from the transistor ignitions previously available, HEI included
The Corvette’s first no-points distributor. This also ended Corvette’s distributor
-driven tachometers. Starting in 1975, tachs were electronically driven.
Optional engine choice for 1975 was limited to one, the L-82. Not since 1955 was Corvette customer’s choice so restricted. And it was the first year since 1964 that only one engine displacement was offered.
Hood emblems designating the L-82 engine first appeared in 1975, but some 1975 L-82 models were built without the emblems.
Kilometer-per-hour subfaces appeared on Corvette’s speedometers first in 1975; it was also the first year with a headlight warning buzzer. It was the last year for Astro Ventilation.
This was the first year to use an internal bladder in the fuel tank.
Soft bumpers were redesigned structurally in Corvettes with the 1975, and external appearance varied slightly from the previous year. The front bumper had an inner honeycomb core and simulated “pads” on the exterior. The rear bumper had inner shock absorbers for impact. The rear bumper skin was a one-piece, unlike the two-piece 1974 unit. Simulated pads like those of the front were also added to the rear.

Original Purchase Agreement and Deposit Slip Dated 9-20-74
Original Car Shipper Invoice
Original Warranty Book W/All Original VIN # Stickers If Ever Brought In For Service
Original Owners Manual W/Original Corvette News Tear Off Untouched
Original Plastic Bag To Hold The Owner’s Manual
Original Keys and Knock-Outs Intact
Original Key Chain From Joe O’Brien Chevrolet
Original 1975 Passenger Car Maintenance Schedule Fold Out Brochure
Original 1975 Consumer Information Brochure
Original 1975 Dealer Sales Brochure
Copy Of Original Title To This Corvette
Original Joe O’Brien Chevrolet Service Bulletin Papers
N.C.R.S. Shipping Data Report
Window Sticker
Odometer Statement
Original Owner’s Information

1975 Corvette Stingray T-Top Sport Coupe
Extremely Rare L-82 4-Speed car with Factory Air and only 2,000 actual miles! One owner car with all of the original documentation. One Of A Kind Find!
Stock # 521
Rating # 2