Up for your consideration is one of the nicest original 1975 Corvette Stingray Convertibles that you will come across. Not to mention one of the rarest as well. This 1975 Corvette is finished in Dark Red with Black Interior. These were the correct colors for this Corvette, paint code 74. Only called Dark Red in 1975 and in 1974 the color was called Medium Red and had the same paint code. Only two years in the 70s from what we can tell that had this paint code. This was the last year to see a convertible model on a C3 Corvette and it was not until 1986 that a convertible model returned. This one is very rare with the factory 4-Speed manual transmission and with factory air conditioning as well. And that is not all. This one features all of the power options available for the 1975 model year. The overall condition is very good and the interior and engine compartment is excellent. Numbers matching original engine and drivetrain to the car and not too many changes other than a nice set of L-82 style aluminum valve covers and a true-dual exhaust setup with what I believe is still the original mufflers on the vehicle. The mileage on the car shows 37,500 and is believed to be actual and comes with a lot of previous owner documentation as well as registration receipts from Kansas as where this Corvette has spent most of its life. Previous owner contact information as well.

The overall fit and finish of the exterior is very nice. I have not seen many convertibles with the soft top and window glass fit as good as this one. I have been around alot of these convertibles and this is just one that really has not been messed with other than a few cosmetic things due to the age of the vehicle. The exterior paint is nice and has alot of shine. There are a few nicks that have been touched up but overall nice and presentable and I would not be afraid to show the vehicle. The paint does not need redone at all and the door jambs and hood lips are all still that nice original look with little to no deterioration. The window glass is excellent and to the best of my knowledge is all original. The door fit along with the hood and headlights is about as good as they come from the factory. Both the front and rear bumpers are flexible and are original urethane material. Not an aftermarket cheap replacement. The convertible top has been replaced at one time and done nicely. The weatherstripping is excellent and fits exceptional. The trim around the glass is also excellent and nice. Headlights, wipers, lights, etc. all work and operate as they should.

The interior on this Corvette is all original from what I can tell. The leather seats are extremely nice for being 46 years old. The door panels, dash pad, instruments, center console are all in excellent shape as well. No cracking on the dash or fading of the instrument gauges. The carpeting is original and does show some slight fading at which we were planning on refreshing some. The steering wheel has no signs of wear as well as the brake and clutch pedals. Original jack and lug wrench still intact. All gauges are in working condition with the exception of the clock which works some of the time. About the only non-original item on the interior is the radio. No harm was done to the center console. The radio is the new “retro” style one that is am/fm look alike digital radio. This radio has bluetooth, aux input and USB cables on the back of the radio, microphone for hands free, factory knobs and fits directly into the center gauge console. This radio alone retails for $400. One of the nicest original “Survivor” interiors you will find.

This was a midwest car mostly in the Kansas area its entire life so it was not exposed to the real harsh northern climates as you will see in many of these models of Corvettes. This one has an excellent frame with no rot or rust. None of that heavy pitting as seen on so many. Clean underneath and for the most part untouched with the exception of the exhaust system, shocks and some minor mechanical things done over the years. The engine compartment as well is clean and nice. L-82 style valve covers have been installed at one time. The choke on the carburetor still works and the engine runs out smooth. Transmission shifts well and you do need the car in reverse to get the keys out of the ignition like it is supposed to. Buzzers, headlight warning indicator, dome lights all work and function just like when it was new. I personally have driven this Corvette around 100 miles on the interstate and drives out better than most of the C3s I have been behind the wheel of. Plenty of performance and I felt comfortable driving 70 to 75 with the traffic with no issues. Alignment was nice and the brakes were excellent. I would not be afraid to take a road trip in this Corvette 100 miles to 500 miles. No leaks that I have seen either at my shop. There are several receipts on routine maintenance of this Corvette from previous years such as wheel bearings repacked, brakes redone, service history, etc. Even a log book from previous owners on the mileage over the years and records of oil changes done. This Corvette was definitely owned and cared for by car folks from all of the documentation that we have with the car that all goes with it.

L-48 350 C.I. V8 Engine (4-BBL Carburetor) Numbers Matching
4-Speed Manual Transmission (Numbers Matching Original To This Car)
C60 Factory Air Conditioning
A31 Power Windows
J50 Power Four-Wheel Disc Brakes
N41 Power Steering
N37 Tilt/Telescopic Steering Column
UF1 Map Light
U69 AM/FM Radio (Changed Out To Retro-Style)
Deluxe Leather Interior
Rally Wheels W/White Lettered Replacement Radial Tires
White Convertible Soft Top
Dark Red Exterior Color (Paint Code 74)
Black Leather Interior (Code 192=BK/L)

This was an Award Winning Corvette. This Corvette Achieved Gold at the Vintage Chevrolet Club Of America Event held back in June of 2009 at the Middle West Meet. The car scored 990 points out of 1,000 back then and still shows well today.
All original score sheets as well as the nice sized plaque and Gold Certificate included with the sale of this Corvette. Other documentation includes the original owners manual that has never had the Corvette News portion torn out, original paper envelope from the dealer at which we believe it was sold new in 1975 at, original Firestone tire brochure, original consumer information brochure from 1975, original Chevrolet 1975 maintenance schedule pamphlet, previous owner information and some title history, registration receipts from previous owners, mileage statements, many receipts on maintenance over the years, two sets of keys, custom fitted cloth indoor car cover color matched to this Corvette, and the list goes on. You must see this one in person to appreciate the paperwork and preservation of this Corvette! All of the documentation and paperwork is included in a three-ring binder that goes with the sale of this Corvette.

VIN # 1Z67J5S433408
Third digit in VIN # designates the convertible model which is a 6.
This was the 33,408th Corvette built in 1975 out of 38,465 total produced for this model year.
There were only 4,629 convertibles built in 1975.
This actual Corvette was built on Monday June 30th, 1975 (Late Production One)
The factory 4-speed with a/c makes for an even more rare Corvette!
The base price of a 1975 Corvette Convertible was $6,550.10

This Corvette to the best of our knowledge was sold new at:
Van Chevrolet Company
8300 West 63rd Street
Merriam, Kansas 66201

The convertible was for a time the “last” for the third generation but convertibles did return in 1986. The last 1975 convertible was built in late July, 1975. This was the last Corvette convertible to cost less than its coupe counterpart.
Catalytic converters first appeared in Corvettes with the 1975 model. Dual exhausts were routed to a single converter, then split for dual exit.
Soft bumpers were redesigned structurally for 1975, and external appearance varied slightly from the previous year. The front bumper had an inner honeycomb core and simulated “pads” on the exterior. The rear bumper had inner shock absorbers for impact. The rear bumper skin was one-piece, unlike the two-piece 1974 unit. Simulated pads like those of the front were also added to the rear.
High Energy Ignition (HEI) appeared first in Corvettes on 1975 models. Quite different from the transistor ignitions previously available, HEI included the Corvette’s first no-points distributor. This also ended Corvette’s distributor-driven tachometers. Starting in 1975, tachs were electronically driven.
Optional engine choice for 1975, was limited to one, the L82. Not since 1955 was the Corvette customer’s choice so restricted. And it was the first year since 1964 that only one engine displacement was offered.
Kilometers-per-hour subfaces appeared on Corvette’s speedometers first in 1975; it was also the first year with a headlight warning buzzer. It was the last year for Astro Ventilation.
This was the first year to use an internal bladder in the fuel tank.
The custom interior option included leather seat trim, wood-grain accents and lower carpet trim on inner door panels, wood-grain accents on console, and special cut-pile carpeting.

1975 Corvette Stingray Convertible

Dark Red with Black Leather interior. Rare 4-Speed Car with Factory Air! Only 37,500 miles and nicely documented. Many options on this one. Last year to see a convertible model on a C3 Corvette! Vintage Chevrolet Club Of America Gold Award Winning Corvette!
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Price: $29,995 SOLD
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