Up for sale for only the second time in its 44 years is one of the nicest original and untouched 1977 Corvettes you will ever find. Originally sold new in Kansas and we purchased it from the original owner back in 2008. We kept the car for about one year until we decided to sell it to a local man in June of 2009 at which he has kept the vehicle up until present day. This Corvette has only been titled twice and comes with complete and impressive documentation from both owners which has been all kept in a nice portfolio that goes with the sale of this car. This Corvette is complete and all original including the original engine and drivetrain and most all components with the exception of the battery and tires. It has been awarded twice at Top Flight Level both Chapter and Regional Meets at N.C.R.S. events. The level of quality that this vehicle represents is far beyond most original Survivor cars as this one was maintained and properly cared for by two car enthusiasts that knew how to care for a vehicle like this one.

The exterior paint on this Corvette is all original and in excellent shape. No signs of stress cracking or hazing in the original paint. Original front and rear urethane bumpers that actually match up to the rest of the paint nice and are not warped or wavy. The emblems, trim, rocker moldings, parking light assemblies, all look fresh and new but are not as they have never been touched or redone and do not need to be. All window glass is properly date coded and in excellent shape with no scuffs or scratches. Simply impressive once you put your eyes on this one. No-hit body and the fit is as good as any. This was a late 1977 model so the original fender alarm key was moved to the drivers door lock late in production as seen on this one. This Corvette also was a factory aluminum wheel car with sport mirrors as many have been added but this one does show those options on the original window sticker.

The interior on this Corvette also is 100% original and untouched. Non-smoker vehicle and everything still looks nice and fresh with no fading or aging as this car was always garaged and never left out in the sunlight. The dash pad has no cracks or flaws, the original leather seats do not show even any wear, the steering wheel and steering column where the ignition switch is does not have any wear or paint coming off, the seat belts are in exceptional condition, original console that does not need replaced, original instruments and radio that all work including the clock, original jack and lug wrench intact and never removed with the exception for judging, carpeting is nice and new looking but is all original, original and rare basket weave style floor mats that were optional and in great shape, weatherstripping is still in nice shape and not needing replaced, original door panels still show very well but have had just a couple flaws touched up that are not that noticeable, I cannot stress enough just how nice and original this one is that does not need anything!

All original including the smog system and complete exhaust system showing little to no aging and does not need replacing. Original markings still visible on the chassis, original rebuilt shocks, impressive condition considering the fact that the chassis has not been detailed or touched up by anyone over the years, original rear end, original transmission and engine, original spark plug wires, original alternator and carburetor, every component that I am aware of is original and date coded to this Corvette and has been through Judging to verify its originality. You will see some corrosion that is mostly surface rust on the drive shafts and rear end half shafts as those parts were raw steel and not coated from the factory. This one has all the right overspray and paint in all of those areas that the judges look for. This is one that could be a vehicle to train others on and be a reference guide for other restorations on how to put on back just like it left the assembly line in 1977. It would be hard pressed to find another one with these rare options to come by these days. The engine compartment still looks nice but does show some signs of age as the paint has worn off the engine in certain areas over time however, this is not one that you need to start detailing and repainting as it is only original once. This one also has the original spare tire and wheel that has never been used and the original spare tire lock.
All lighting and mechanical parts operate and function properly and the a/c system is still all original R12 and in working condition. It is simply amazing that this car has not been messed with or components changed after all of these years. It just goes to show you that if you take care of something it can and will last for decades in the right hands.

L-82 Special 350-4 BBL V-8 Engine
M21 Four Speed Close-Ratio Transmission
Positraction Rear Axle 3.70 Ratio
FE7 Gymkhana Suspension
C60 Four Season Air Conditioning
A31 Power Windows
B32 Color-Keyed Floor Mats
C49 Electro-Clear Rear Defogger
NA2 Standard Emission System
N37 Tilt/Telescopic Steering Wheel
QRZ GR70-15/B S/B Radial White Lettered Tires
UA1 Heavy Duty Battery
UM2 Stereo Tape W/AM/FM Stereo Radio
YJ8 Aluminum Wheels
D35 Sport Mirrors LH Remote & RH Manual
ZX2 Convenience Group
10L Paint Code Classic White
152 Interior Code White Leather Bucket/Smoke Grey Accents

Standard features included power steering, power 4-wheel disc brakes, positraction rear axle, custom interior, special instrumentation, tinted glass, high-energy ignition system, anti-theft audio alarm system, 4-wheel independent suspension system, and the list goes on.

This Corvette was originally delivered to:
Branine Chevrolet Company, Inc.
Mulvane Kansas 67110

Original MSRP was $11,159.65
The L-82 motor alone was a $495 option
Original base price of a 1977 model was $8,647.65
This one was highly optioned and had everything but the luggage and roof panel carrier.
And the trailer package.
Originally sold new on August 25th 1977
VIN # 1Z37X7S446283
Fifth digit in VIN # (X) designates the L-82 Engine
This was the 46,283rd Corvette built in 1977.
A total of 49,213 Corvettes were made in 1977.
This actual Corvette was built on Monday August 8th 1977.
This was a very late 1977 production model being built the last month
Of production and within the last three weeks of the 1977 model year.
Classic White was the #1 color in 1977 making 9,408 units.
There were only 6,148 equipped with the L-82 engine.
Only 2,060 had the M21 4-Speed Manual Transmission making this Corvette
One of the rarest 1977 models and with this color combination even more rare.
Possibly the only known example with these options and this low of mileage to
Exist today. A detailed list of the numbers on this car can be available upon request.

The L-82 engine featured a higher lift cam than the standard 350 V8, special heads with larger valves, impact-extruded pistons, a forged crank running in 4-bolt main bearing caps, plus finned aluminum rocker covers.
The close-ratio 4-speed transmission was only available with the L-82 option. The close-ratios of this 4-Speed are better suited for numerous high-speed up-and-down shifts associated with competition driving. Fully synchronized with a 2.43 to one first-gear ratio.
The optional Gymkhana Suspension that this one has provides larger diameter front stabilizer bar, a rear stabilizer bar plus stiffer springs and special shock absorbers, front and rear.
This was the last year to see the 160 mph speedometer and the straight back window glass.

This 1977 Corvette achieved the prestigious N.C.R.S. Top Flight Award twice.
Once on May 30th, 2009 at Chapter Level in St. Louis Missouri.
The second time was with the second owner of this Corvette at the Heart Of America Regional held in Joplin Missouri on April 30th, 2011.
Both original Top Flight Certificates and Blue Ribbons along with the original score sheets are included and go with this Corvette.

For those that are not familiar with the N.C.R.S. organization it stands for “National Corvette Restorer’s Society” and is a non-profit hobby group of 15,800 + families dedicated to the restoration, preservation, history and enjoyment of Corvettes made from the model years 1953 through the C5 Corvette generation. Across the country they have several Chapter and Regional meets where the cars are judged on originality,
preservation, and restoration where everything needs to be correct and operable such as the clock, cigarette lighter, etc. Also numbers are checked on about everything down to the fuel pump, spark plug wires, date codes on the glass, correct jack, correct keys, paperwork such as the original owners manual and warranty book that was put into the car at the time it was new, and the list goes on. They do have available Judging manuals for your model year to give you more insight as to what is correct and what things were painted and what parts were finished in. It is interesting to attend and have a vehicle judged and if you have had that done you know just how hard it can be to achieve a Top Flight Award on any Corvette.

Original Window Sticker And EPA Fuel Sticker
Original First Owner Kansas title dated 09/08/1977
Original Kansas Registration Receipt
Original Purchase Receipt
Original Owners Manual & Plastic Bag That It Came In
Original Sunvisor Tag
Original Keys (Both Sets)
Original Odometer Statements From Both Owners
Original 1977 Sales Brochure
Original Warranty Booklet W/Original Owners Name And Info
Original Firestone Tire Brochure
Original 1977 Consumer Information Brochure
Original Freedom Battery Brochure
Original 1977 Passenger Car Maintenance Schedule Instruction Brochure
Original Wheel Trim Ring Instruction Brochure
Original Aluminum Wheel Maintenance Instruction Sheet
Catalytic Converter Instruction Label
Original NCRS Volume 38, Number 1 Summer 2011 “The Corvette Restorer”
Magazine listing the second owner achieving the Top Flight Award And A Photo of this Corvette at the Meet
Original T-Top Storage Bags
Original Floor Mats And A Reproduction Set Of Mats To Use When Driving
Both Owners Contact And Information To Verify The Car
Several Original Service Receipts from both the original and second owner on routine maintenance done to this Corvette over the years
The tires on this Corvette are the replacement Firestones as the originals were actually recalled back in the day

I am sure I have left some things out but there is more paperwork and information pertaining to this car and the 1977 model than you can imagine.

No disappointments with this Corvette and is one you can show or drive some that will continue to increase in value as it is one of the rarest 77s you will ever come across.

Don’t let this one slip away. A true investment opportunity that does not come along very often.

A new console held heater and air conditioning controls and accepted standard Delco radios due to its increased depth. A new steering column positioned the steering wheel two inches closer to the instrument panel to provide more of an arms out” driving position, and easier entry and exit. 1977 models without RPO N37 had 1976 style steering wheels.
Leather seats were standard for the first time in 1977, but a cloth-leather combination could be substituted at no cost.
New option K30 speed control was introduced but required automatic transmission.
Flint Engine assembly changed from orange paint to blue paint for Corvette engines in early production.
The headlight dimmer and windshield wiper/washer controls were located on steering column stalks. Sunshades were redesigned to permit swinging to the side windows.
The interior rearview mirror mounting point was relocated from above the windshield to the windshield itself.
About mid-way through Corvette production the alarm activator was moved from the driver-side fender to the driver-side door lock.

1977 Corvette L-82 4-Speed W/AIR

L-82 4-Speed with 12,614 actual miles. Two
Owner car from Kansas with complete original documentation Back to new. Two-time N.C.R.S. Top Flight Award Winner! Best Survivor 1977 you will find! Fully Optioned 1977!
Stock # 554
Price: $32,500
Rating # 2+

PLEASE NOTE: This car is a consignment sale and is not at our facility. Please call or email us if you are interested in this vehicle and we will connect you with the owner.
Phone: 417.494.5040
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