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What an amazing unrestored original Survivor car we have to offer. This is a 1976 Corvette Stingray T-Top Sport Coupe with only 8,937 actual miles. Finished in Red with a matching red interior. This Corvette is just one of those that has not been apart, messed with, or used for the most part and it shows extremely well. The original paint and body is exceptional for a Survivor car. Most need a paint job or have fading and cracking of the original finish. For being 46 years old it has been preserved very well. This Corvette would be the perfect candidate for Bloomington Gold Survivor Judging and also a excellent candidate to document and show just how these cars looked when they left the factory back in the day with overspray in certain areas, paint flaws, etc. You have to realize that the quality control and paint materials isn't as good as you will find in todays factories with the base coat clear coat finishes. The Corvette plant produced several cars each day and I have seen some better than others and this is one that is better than many that we have seen. The fit and alignment of the panels is as good as any original car and the doors close with ease. The front and rear bumpers are the original urethane ones and have slightly discolored as to be expected from not being reprayed and repainted. The still have flex and have no signs of cracking at this time. If you have been around original cars such as this one you will appreciate the car as much as we do. It is an investment grade C3 and one to keep. The color combination doesn't get much better and with the options this car has makes it even more desirable.

As mentioned before this Corvette is an original unrestored example to the best of our knowledge. The original paperwork backs up the mileage and the condition of the car speaks for itself for being 46 years old. The paint does shows some flaws and aging but doesn't need a repaint. There are minimal nicks on the car and the fit of the t-tops and doors, along with the hood is about as good as original gets. The window glass is date coded original and is in "as new" showroom like condition with no wiper blade scratches or flaws. The trim and emblems still all look nice and fresh with no deterioration. The headlights come up and down quickly and still retain the original headlight bulbs. All side marking lights work, back-up lamps work, etc. I was told when we first purchased this car that the t-tops have never been off and when we went to remove them it felt like they hadn't. The weatherstripping around those t-tops and trim are excellent and do not need replacing which is amazing.

The interior on this car is about as good as you will ever find! I would rate it about as close to a #1 as you can. The seats, carpeting, door panels, dash pad, gauges, center console, rear storage compartment, are all the original parts and materials that were installed back in 1976 and cannot get any better. No scuff marks, cracking, fading, etc.
I cannot stress enough just how nice this original interior is and everything works. Even the clock will sometimes operate. The door buzzer still operates, all lighting, headlight lamp, seat belt fasten light, all still function and is neat to see that. When you get behind the wheel of this Corvette and put the key in the ignition everything is tight and almost like it has never been used. The car will not go out of park without the key being turned on as 9 out of 10 will do so. The only non-original item on the interior is the floor mats and those are the real nice high-end Lloyd mats with the C3 logo and the color is very close to an identical match. The original jack and lug wrench is still intact as well. The t-top storage bags are also with the car. You will not find an interior on a C3 any better.

For the most part the chassis and engine compartment have been untouched. All of the original exhaust system and catalytic converter and still intact. They are showing some age, but I personally would not replace at this time to keep the car as original as you can. The car has a real nice original frame with many of the markings and inspections visible showing some signs of surface rust, but not anything heavily as these components from the factory did not receive much paint and some of the raw steel parts, such as the drive shaft and axle shafts were not coated with anything from the factory and will show some corrosion and surface rust. The floor pans are real nice as they are metal starting in 1975, the suspension is still nice and tight, a few items have been replaced or rebuilt such as the brake calipers, shocks, fuel pump, and master cylinder. These items were replaced back around 2015. The original tires were removed and unfortunately not saved by a previous owner and just recently a new set of BF/Goodrich white lettered T/A radials were replaced as the Coopers that were installed back in 2015 were showing discoloration of the white letters and we decided to just replace with a new set. The car would have originally came out with Firestone tires which were recalled back in the day and that is what the spare tire is a replacement Firestone.
The engine compartment still looks presentable with some paint off the intake over time. Normally we would disassemble some of the engine parts and refinish and detail, but on this Corvette being such an original untouched one we decided not to repaint or refinish any of the components. Even the original underhood insulation is in good shape with alittle dirt from the fan belts over time. The car drives out nicely, shifts smoothly, and performs well. Once you get behind the wheel of this car there is no doubt that the mileage is actual by the way it drives. A recent service was done to this car and an
Original A/C Delco oil filter was found and used. This car can be driven if desired as
We have put about 200 miles on the car attending local shows. They are only original once so don't let this one get away.

The original window sticker and EPA sticker.
The original warranty book dated 7-26-76 & vin # stickers for warrany work
The original odometer statement dated 7-26-76 with 15 miles on the car
The original pre-delivery inspection dated 6/22/76
The original Retail Order (Purchase Agreement) dated 7/22/76
The original owners manual and plastic bag it came in
The original 1976 Ohio inspection still affixed to the windshield
An original 1976 Sales Brochure
The original tire brochure, 1976 consumer information, passenger
Car maintenance schedule brochures
The original title to the car
An original letter signed and notarized by the original owner selling the
Corvette back on 11/02/2009 with 6,682 actual miles
Several inspection receipts, title history, odometer statements, insurance
Cards from previous owners, receipts on routine maintenance, and the
List goes on
Both sets or the original keys included

This Corvette was originally sold new at:
Harrington Chevrolet - Cadillac Company Inc.
215 E. Main Cross St.
Findlay, Ohio 45840

The original owner lived in Carey, Ohio
From the documentation and information we have the original
Owner kept this Corvette up until November of 2009 and sold
It to a dealer in Ohio. That dealer then sold the car to a man
In Oklahoma and then ended up in the Springfield Missouri area.
This Corvette has not changed hands to many times.
The car currently has a Missouri title with the mileage stated on it.

L-48 350 C.I. V8 Engine (4-BBL) Numbers Matching
M40 Turbo Hydra-Matic Automatic Transmission (3-Speed)
C60 Factory Air Conditioning
N37 Tilt/Telescopic Steering Wheel
A31 Power Windows
N40 Power Steering
J50 Power Four-Wheel Disc Brakes
UA1 Heavy Duty Battery
UF1 Map Light
U58 AM/FM Stereo Radio
C60 Electro-Clear Rear Defogger
Rally Wheels (Originals In Excellent Shape)
New BF/Goodrich White Lettered Radial Tires
Just Installed 6/22 Size P225/70-R15

VIN # 1Z37L6S438081
Build Date: Thursday June 10th, 1976
Paint Code: 72L = Red
Interior Code: 71V = Firethorn Red Vinyl
A total of 46,558 Corvettes were built in 1976.
This one was a late production one, number 38,081
4,590 Corvettes were finished in Red in 1976.
Original Engine & Drivetrain are with this car

This was the last year to see the Stingray badging on a Corvette.
The carburetor air induction system was revised in 1976. Previously, air was drawn in at the rear of the hood, producing a slight howl audible from within the car. The air source point was moved forward, so that air was pulled in over the radiator. The 1976 hood is unique to the year.
The aluminum wheels announced for 1973 arrived as a bona fide option with the 1976 model. These were made by Kelsey Hayes in Mexico and the wheels are identified on their inside surfaces as to source and build location. The YJ8 option included four wheels and a conventional steel spare, in contrast to the five-wheel sets planned for 1973, and the the five-wheel knock-off and bolt-on aluminum wheel option of 1963-1967.
Engineers put a partial steel underbelly, in the forward section of Corvettes starting in 1976 for added rigidity, weight reduction, and to better isolate the cockpit from heat generated by catalytic converters. Also, higher engine temperatures were intentional, one way to increase efficiency and partially offset emissions-related power losses.
Astro Ventilation was eliminated starting with 1976 models. The meant, among other things, that vents on the rear deck (just aft of the back window) were deleted.
A new "sport" steering wheel for 1976 Corvettes was shared by Chevrolet Vegas (and other Chevrolet models), a development not viewed well by Corvette enthusiasts.
Some late-production 1976 Corvettes were built with parts normally associated with 1977 models, especially interior components.
Two styles of rear bumpers were used. The first had smaller, recessed "Corvette" letters. The second style had larger letters, not recessed.
The 1976 was the last of the era to require a unique Delco radio due to the available console depth.

1976 Corvette Stingray T-Top Sport Coupe

Red with matching Firethorn Red Interior. Only 9,000 Actual Documented Miles With Paperwork! The original purchase
Agreement and window sticker included! Collector Quality and a Rare Find.
Stock # 560
Price: $29,995
Rating # 2